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My Mars (3D Live Wallpaper)

Entwickler TDL media
1.19 usd

You'll love live wallpaper "My Mars" because:★ It's beautiful.You'll enjoy the beauty of the Martian landscapes. Orange sky, blue sunsets, “Foboslit” nights with the myriads of stars awaiting for you here!★ It's curious.The 3D model of Mars rover was patterned in details after the real rover Curiosity. You’ll be able to examine her equipment all around.★ It's interactively.Activate a different equipment of the rover with just one tap.★ It's interesting.You’ll study how the rover moves and works.★ It's funny.The funny character will live and explore Mars on your device home screen day-by-day.★ It's useful.Day and night follow each other smoothly. The Martian sun moves in accordance with your time zone.★ No need to journey to Mars!You don’t need to colonize Mars, it is so far and dangerous. Now you’ll have your own Mars, and it will always be with you!Follow us on facebook: (Join us, and answer, would you like to see ExoMars Rover, too?)